Analisis Makna Pesan Dakwah pada Akun Facebook Yusuf Mansur Network

  • Nor Latifah Ilmu Perpustakaan Dan Informasi UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


Along with the progress of the times, da'wah has experienced significant developments, ranging from the number of followers, methods, and media used by the preachers. This phenomenon is inseparable from modernization so that da'wah can be done with a variety of efficient media, one of which is through social media. The phenomenon that occurs in people’s daily lives in the use of social media, especially Facebook accounts, is that users only use Facebook as a venue or means to get praise, show off their assets, etc. through their uploaded photos. The purpose of this study is to find out the meaning of da'wah messages contained in the account of Yusuf Mansyur Network on the Facebook site. The method used in this research is content analysis, considering that the method can describe the message material that has been delivered to the posts contained in Yusuf Mansyur Network account. This research is carried out by taking steps: determining the object of research, determining research methods, data sources and finally processing and analyzing data. From a total of 350 posts on Yusuf Mansyur Network Facebook account, there is a message in the category of theology, worship, and morals; The period of 2 December 2012-9 March 2013 took two sample samples which were used as data to be analyzed, namely those relating to worship.


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